“No matter where you are in the world, music is THE language that everyone understands!
I love seeing a crowd, especially a crowd that is diverse: culturally, socially, religiously
come together as one and just vibe with the beat!”  –  
Narc Narcisse 

Narc Narcisse is a French-American DJ who rarely goes unnoticed because of his 6’3″ 200 lbs athletic frame. But it’s his energetic mixing abilities that make him a true standout in the deejay world.

Narc’s upbringing was multicultural. He was born in the USA (New York City) from Haitian parents, but at the age of 9 he moved to Paris, France with his mother. After graduating high school with his “Baccalaureat Scientifique”, he headed back to the US landing in sunny Los Angeles at UCLA where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and ran Track & Field. He lived in the dorms reserved for International students and was thus constantly immersed in different cultures. As he began spinning at parties, he quickly learned that every culture had their own musical preference. This fueled his desire to educate himself in a wide variety of music.

Knowledge is power!

Narc’s knowledge in all genres (House Music, Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop, Funk, Dance Hall, French tunes, Middle Eastern sounds, Latin music, etc…) became a true advantage. College parties swiftly evolved into local bars, local bars escalated into night clubs. And just like that DJ NARC was born! Narc loves ALL music, he can spin an all “old school” hip hop set and stick to one genre, but he also loves blending different genres in a unique, eclectic open format. He always demonstrates exemplary crowd awareness that electrifies dance floors, and creates a charged, energetic atmosphere one has to experience to believe. You will see even the most conservative people singing and dancing along to his unique flavor of local and International beats!

Music has the power to UNITE us all!

Narc is a true International deejay. During the summer, you can catch him spinning in Los Angeles, New York, Scotland, Greece, the Caribbean (St John, USVI; Petion Ville, Haiti), London & Paris. He’s fluent in English & French, and speaks a lil Spanish & Haitian creole. He’s a true globe trotter who has traveled to over 22 countries such as Thailand, India, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, just to name a few… Language is never a barrier, his persona and contagious energy do the talking!                                                                                                                          

With Narc it’s never just a party, it’s always an EVENT!

No matter the venue, the city or the country, Narc is always connecting with his crowd by taking them on a sonic journey, giving them an electrifying and memorable experience. His energy is limitless and his passion for music is infectious, the crowd can’t get enough and are always left wanting more. Narc’s creative juices sometimes overflow into the studio. He doesn’t consider himself to be a producer or a singer/rapper but seemingly out of nowhere he produced, wrote and performed this catchy song about the danger of drunk driving: D.U.I..

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