July, 2013

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Great week at the World Series of Beach Volleyball!

What an eventful week. It’s nice to take it outside the night clubs and spin for a different type of crowd and environment. I received an enormous amount of love from the crowd and had a blast!  

This Week catch DJ NARC in Long Beach at the World Series of Beach Volleyball (July 22-28)

Spinning for huge outdoor events is always a fun adventure! Random people coming up to you to give you props, ask for a biz card, take  a free “@djnarc” wristband, and maybe even a song request. The intense heat, the sun rays glaring off my laptop screen, and the windRead the Rest…

New Website

Welcome to my new website. I hope you enjoy it! A special thanks to Jenny Blomqvist for designing this website & my new logo and putting everything together! Next time i come spin in Sweden, i got you covered Jenny!

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