Narc takes you on an uplifting emotional journey with his sounds


International DJ/Producer Narc Narcisse

Narc was born in the USA (New York) from Haitian parents, but was raised in Paris, France. His spinning days began in Los Angeles while studying Physics and competing for the Track & Field team at the world famous University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).


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Narc is restless in his journey around the world. Los Angeles,
San Francisco, New York, London, Scotland, Paris, Greece, etc...
22 countries, countless cities and a ridiculous amount of parties.
One country, One city, One party at a time...


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Paris, Ville Magique!

Happy New Year!!

Bringing in the year 2015 with an awesome party in Paris!

Narc with a Powerful song about Police Brutality

Narc putting work in the studio! New Remixes & Edits


Look who’s in town! [Petion Ville, Haiti]


Spinning in Haiti for the 1st time!

dj narc

Narc Narcisse with a POWERFUL new song/video!

DJ Narc spinning in Valencia, Spain


Back @ USC’s AEPi for another BIG PARTY!

Great week at the World Series of Beach Volleyball!

What an eventful week. It’s nice to take it outside the night clubs and spin for a different type of crowd and environment. I received an enormous amount of love from the crowd and had a blast!


Narc is a well traveled, true bilingual, multicultural & multidimensional DJ with that - Je ne sais quoi -
He rocks crowds across the globe, takes everyone on a sonic journey and turns any party into an EVENT!
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